Labs (Science, psychology, Technology Labs)
To make the public teacher technically sound according to the need of the time College Labs are all well equipped so as to help the pupil teachers to under stand fundamentals and thus enable them to analyze design new projects in the field of Education.

Science Labs
The Lab is equipped with various models different type of apparatus testing materials. Our physics, chemistry and Biology Laboratories have all the equipment in sufficient quantity so that each pupil teacher can perform his practical individually.

Computer Lab
Computers are not something alien any more, rather they are a way of life. No successful manager of entrepreneur can survive without full utilizing the potential and speed that is given through computerization. That is why Kithana College has created the most optimum and advance computer center. All the computers are connected via a Local Area Network. The hardware configuration of the computer center are Pentium IV processors and equipped with latest version of software and provides internet connectivity round the clock to students on totally cost free basis.

In this diverse, complex and fast changing world, it is essential to have an open mind. Kithana College looks into and for the future of students who are not only taught new concepts, strategies and structure but also get practice in implementing them. Kithana College students shine with in their peer group with the knowledge of the latest techniques and information technologies.